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Welcoming Our First Full Time Executive Director: A Milestone for Student Basic Needs Coalition

The Student Basic Needs Coalition, a pivotal force in advocating for the fundamental needs of college students, is thrilled to announce Paige Swanson as its first full-time Executive Director. This landmark appointment is made possible through a generous grant from the Ichigo Foundation, signifying a strong commitment to improving student welfare and academic success by addressing essential needs such as food, housing, healthcare, and financial security.

Paige Swanson is not new to the coalition; in fact, her journey with the organization is deeply personal and rooted in passion. As a co-founder of the Student Basic Needs Coalition during her college years, Swanson has been instrumental in identifying and addressing the gaps in support for students facing challenges in meeting their basic needs. Her leadership and vision were pivotal in the early stages of the coalition, laying the groundwork for its mission and objectives.

Over the past 3 years of growing the Student Basic Needs Coalition, Swanson has gained a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the issues at hand. After graduating from North Carolina State University in Spring of 2021, she continued building her skills with professional roles in fundraising and grant writing. Her appointment as Executive Director marks a full-circle moment for both Swanson and the coalition. 

“I’m thrilled to finally be able to dedicate my full attention to growing our organizations and supporting student leaders in developing and implementing solutions to the student basic needs crisis we are facing,” Swanson said about her new role. Under her guidance, the coalition is set to expand its programs, partnerships, and overall impact, driving forward the mission to ensure that students have the necessary resources to thrive both academically and personally.

This new chapter for the Student Basic Needs Coalition, powered by the partnership with the Ichigo Foundation and led by one of its original visionaries, represents a significant step toward ensuring that no student's educational journey is hindered by unmet basic needs. Swanson's leadership promises to invigorate the coalition's efforts, expanding its reach and impact on a national scale.

As the coalition celebrates this milestone, it also acknowledges the journey ahead. With Paige Swanson at the helm, supported by the backing of the Ichigo Foundation, the coalition is poised to make substantial progress in its mission. The focus on student welfare and educational equity has never been more critical, and together, the coalition, its partners, and supporters are ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of students everywhere.

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