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Despite the prevalence of basic needs insecurity on college campuses, many students are not accessing these resources.

This is often due to a combination of the lack of awareness of campus resources and the stigma around asking for help.

Student leaders combat these issues by planning events and hosting conversations to highlight available resources and create a supportive campus environment.

 What Our 

 Students Have 


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We support our campus leaders by:

  • Providing leadership development programs

  • Engaging students with advocacy curriculum

  • Providing technical assistance and funding 

  • Connecting students to national partners

  • Supporting them in turning their ideas to reality

 What Our 


 Are Saying 

Not only has SBNC given me the opportunity to grow as a leader on my campus, but it has taught me the power of student advocacy and elevating student voices for change.

SBNC has given me the network of other powerful student leaders across my campus and the state who are dedicated to education justice and making college more equitable for all.

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