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We're building the next generation of leaders to address the Student Basic Needs crisis.

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About Us

We know that students cannot focus on school if they are worried about how they will buy food, find transportation to work, or secure housing.


This is why Student Basic Needs Coalition supports student leaders in developing solutions to these problems on their campus and beyond.

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Through our training and toolkits, 
our student leaders:

Connect Students with Federal Benefits


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can provide hundreds of dollars in groceries to hungry college students but 69% of potentially eligible students are not receiving benefits.


Through SNAP Into Action, our student leaders educate their peers about their eligibility and guide them through the application process.


Educate their Campus Community


Too many view the "starving college student" as a rite of passage.


Our student leaders plan educational events, engaging presentations, and more to demonstrate why this narrative needs to change.

Advocate for Systemic Change


College students know what policies will help them to be successful in school. However, they are rarely allowed to take the lead in developing these regulations.


 Both at the campus and state levels, our student leaders learn how to collaborate with policymakers, draft legislation, and take direct action in the pursuit of education justice.



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