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 Let's Address 

 Student Basic Needs 


Want to bring our tools, software, and resources to your campus?

We would love to hear from you!

How you can join


Momentum Institute

  • Join our training program with cohorts beginning each semester

  • Learn how to conduct SNAP enrollment drives, educate stakeholders about student basic needs, and advocate for sustainable solutions

  • Meet with our team to discuss SNAP enrollment, educational, and advocacy projects

  • Request up to $250 a semester for events at your campus


Technical Support


National Team

  • Join our volunteer team leading our organization

  • Assist with a range of projects and gain skills in fundraising, communications, program development, research, and policy

 What Other 



 Are Saying 

"This program gave me the skills needed to be a better advocate for my university community. I’m able to support the students more fully with the additional skills I have gained, and it’s made me a more competent social worker, too!"

- Bella Levitt

Student at Oakland University

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