Approximately, 1 out of 5 students who start college drop out of school due to financial pressure. In recent years, student leaders in our network of student campus leaders have led successful campaigns working to address student basic needs insecurity. They have established student food pantries on their campus and written, proposed, and passed legislation at the state level addressing college student hunger and basic needs insecurity.

We believe students are the key to creating change in our system of higher education in order to make getting a degree accessible to all - no matter their class background. We believe in centering student voices in this work since they are experts on their own experiences, and are best positioned to change higher education for the better.

SBNC has recently launched a national program called the Momentum Institute - a program where a selected group of students and recent graduates are trained on the fundamentals of advocacy on and off campus. Momentum Fellows will learn best practices on how to be the more effective change agents possible.


We are currently working to recruit the Fall 2022 cohort of Momentum Fellows. Students selected to be Momentum Fellows will complete a ten-week program that will equip them with the practical real-world skills that will help them to build advocacy Campaigns for Change on their campuses or at the state level to ensure that all students who want to will be able to graduate.




Week 1 - Orientation and Overview

Week 2 - How to Create Policy Change

Week 3 - Research your issue

Week 4 - Write Your Policy

Week 5 - Share Your Story

Weeks 6, 7, & 8 - Organizing 101 and Building a Coalition

Week 9 - Mobilization Tactics

Week 10 - Frontloading Basic

Week 11+ - Beginning Your Campaign for Change



Location: The fellowship program is entirely remote
Time Commitment: 3 to 5 Hours Per Week
Duration: 10-Week Program
Oversight: Momentum Fellows will be supervised by SBNC leaders, including members of the
National team.

Core Skills Gained Through Participation:

- Power Mapping
- Writing policies
- Testifying at meetings 
- Relationship building
- Creating a campaign plan
- Mass mobilization tactics
- Crafting a pitch deck
- Building a media plan and pitching
- Running a press conference
- Growing your leadership team
- And more!