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 Momentum Institute

Through the Momentum Institute, student leaders will learn how to

  1. Enroll other college students in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  2. Educate their campus community about the issues of college affordability and student debt

  3. Advocate for campus and government policies that make college more affordable and accessible



This program was devised after seeing a need for structured pathways for college students to turn their ideas into action.


The Momentum Institute guides students through the process of connecting their peers with resources, educating their campus community on issues like student debt and basic needs insecurity, and advocating for systemic change to prevent these problems in the first place.

After completing the program, students apply what they learned with their campus chapters by participating in SNAP Into Action, Campus Education, and Advocacy throughout the school year.

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Location: The fellowship program is entirely remote
Time Commitment: 3 to 5 Hours Per Week
Duration: 10-Week Program
Oversight: Momentum Fellows will be supervised by SBNC leaders, including members of the
National team.

Throughout the session, students will learn how to:

- Recruit members for your campaign

- Fundraise for your cause

- Become a leader

- Understand food and housing security

- Read and communicate data

- Enroll students in SNAP

- Raise awareness for food and housing insecurity

- Advocate for change on your campus and in your state

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