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 A Tour on Student Basic Needs 

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​Freddy Shegog’s journey included dumpster diving, panhandling, and battling alcohol abuse while experiencing homelessness. Today, Freddy Shegog has emerged as a successful college graduate and an inspiring public speaker dedicated to sharing his transformational journey to recovery. Freddy’s story is a powerful testament to resilience, determination, and the possibility of overcoming adversity. He has graced the stages of educational conferences, colleges, and venues nationwide, delivering keynotes that resonate with audiences from all walks of life. Fresh off a 12-state speaking tour, Freddy remains deeply passionate about the future, particularly the impact on youth, stating, “College should not only change my bank account but my soul as well!” In Freddy’s “What is Your Legacy?” talk, he will share his experiences and how students and higher education professionals alike can make a difference through supporting student basic needs. For more details, visit his website here.

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As an educator in higher education for over 15 years, Correy Hammond has spent his life using his personal and career experiences to help students define, clarify, and achieve their educational and personal goals.  As a first-gen college student, Correy navigated various challenges at a private school, thriving with the help of university support and his determination to succeed. Today, Correy Hammond is a business owner, author, and trainer with over 15 years of experience in the leadership development and student success arena. Correy will share his experiences creating effective environments for student success and inspire your campus community to take action towards solutions. For more details, visit his website here.

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Keisha Jones is a highly regarded consultant, trainer, and speaker renowned for her expertise in the realms of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) as well as Leadership Development. With a deep passion for fostering inclusive and equitable spaces, Keisha specializes in designing and delivering customized training programs that empower organizations to cultivate diverse talent and promote inclusive leadership practices. Her dynamic and engaging speaking style has made her a sought-after keynote speaker, leaving a lasting impact on audiences as she imparts valuable insights and strategies for achieving meaningful transformation in DEIB and leadership. Keisha’s talk will leave you with ideas to implement inclusive higher education strategies, ensuring that all students feel supported on campus. For more details, visit her website here.


Christina Hasaan is an advocate for accessible education and social equity with over 10 years of expertise. Currently serving as the  DATA Lab Programs & Community Engagement Coordinator at the City of Philadelphias' District Attorney's Office, Christina brings a wealth of personal and academic experience to her work. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Temple University, having initially earned her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Social Behavior from the Community College of Philadelphia. As a first-generation non-traditional student and former teen mom, Christina understands firsthand the importance of education in overcoming barriers. Her journey underscores her belief that knowledge is the cornerstone of success and it should be accessible to all. Throughout her academic career, Christina has been dedicated to bridging the gap between educational resources and those who need it most. From advocating for equal public education in her high school years to her active involvement in campus organizations during her undergraduate studies, Christina has consistently worked towards creating positive change in her community. A proud Philadelphia native, Christina is not only committed to her professional endeavors but also finds joy sharing her knowledge and insight on stages all across the country. With her compelling story and passion for social justice, Christina is a dynamic speaker who inspires audiences to advocate for equitable access to education and opportunity. Her speaking engagements cover a range of professional topics including educational accessibility, communal collaboration, economic justice, and networking.

 What Other 


 Campus Staff 

 Are Saying 

"Recently, we were privileged to host Freddy Shegog as the keynote speaker at our Annual Convocation at Forsyth Technical Community College. Freddy's journey from homelessness and addiction to becoming an empowered advocate for education is nothing short of inspiring. His raw, authentic storytelling captivated our faculty, staff, and students, leaving an indelible impression on all who attended. What struck me most was Freddy's account of an advisor at a community college who truly 'saw' him. She went beyond her job description to build a meaningful relationship with Freddy, embodying the kind of relational, equitable, intentional, and proactive approach we strive for at Forsyth Tech. Her influence changed the trajectory of his life, serving as a vivid testament to the transformative power of education—a message that resonates deeply with our institutional values. Freddy not only engaged our audience but empowered us to continue making a difference in the lives of our students. His message is compelling, impactful, and absolutely necessary in today's educational landscape. I wholeheartedly recommend Freddy Shegogg as a speaker for any event seeking to inspire change and encourage educational empowerment."

Dr. Janet N. Spriggs 

President and Chief Executive Officer, Forsyth Tech Community College

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