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SBNC Awarded $40,000 From Ben and Jerry’s Foundation

The Ben and Jerry’s Foundation supports grassroots organizations who dismantle oppressive systems and create a more equitable world. This month, the foundation generously awarded $40,000 over two years in unrestricted support to the Student Basic Needs Coalition (SBNC), marking the organization’s largest gift

yet. This gift will support SBNC’s efforts to inspire and equip the next generation of policy leaders, ensuring that all students can access a college education, regardless of their financial background.

“We are so incredibly honored to have received our largest investment ever from such an admired social justice funder,” said Owen Flomberg, Executive Director of SBNC. “This funding has come at just the right time to quickly accelerate our work as we prepare to implement our reimagined advocacy training and student SNAP registration efforts this fall.”

Each year, one million students drop out of college, half of whom leave due to financial pressure. To move the needle on this statistic, SBNC believes that it is necessary to shift power to those most affected by educational inequity, especially BIPOC and low-income students. While many organizations are focused on advocating for education equity, most do not allow students to take the lead. Furthermore, due to the bureaucracy of the higher education system, it can be difficult for students to know precisely what steps to take.

This is where the Student Basic Needs Coalition comes in. SBNC provides a structured pathway for college students to turn their ideas into action through organizing toolkits, group workshops on organizing and mobilization strategy, and 1:1 mentoring to troubleshoot issues throughout students’ campaigns. By equipping students with the tools to explain their positions, build coalitions, and accomplish their goals, SBNC supports them in understanding and using their power. In just 3 years of operation, SBNC has trained over 50 student organizers, whose advocacy has impacted 90,000 college students through campus level programs and policy changes.

Through this upcoming year, SBNC aims to raise the remaining funds needed to hire our first full time staff member. This would allow us to expand our organizing efforts across the country, provide more 1:1 support to our student leaders, and leave a lasting impact on generations of students.

You can support the next generation of higher education policy leaders by donating to SBNC here.


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