Role Description 

Hiring undergraduate political organizers to work on grassroots organizing aimed at creating more inclusive systems of higher education. 


Campus Organizer 


Around 1 in 3 students never finish their degree and the Federal Government Accountability Office released a report in 2018 that stated, “investment in higher education is at risk if college students drop out because they cannot afford basic necessities.” The Student Basic Needs Coalition works to raise awareness around the access issues that exist within the American higher education system and to advocate for change. Higher education is a right and should be accessible to all! 


Responsibilities may include: 


  • Building a strong, sustainable, student-run organization on campus by building relationships with key players on campus, and building our brand.  

  • Introducing real-world legislation in their campus’s state and/or support existing legislative efforts.

  • Building relationships with other student groups, faculty, administrators, and state officials.

  • Running campus advocacy and educational programs.

  • Communicating with the campus community and local press.

  • Conducting research on issues relating to educational inclusivity. 



Qualified candidates will have demonstrated that they are self-starters and are passionate about creating a more inclusive system of higher education.



We’re hiring organizers to work on college campuses across the United States.


To Apply

We are hiring for positions starting in August 2020. Immediate positions are also available. Apply today by emailing your resume to with the subject line "INTERNSHIP - [Insert your name]"

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