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Our state coalition program provides college students with the tools they need to be today’s successful organizers for educational equity and to be tomorrow’s leaders in equitable higher education policies. The program includes a combination of workshops, campaign planning, and grassroots organizing. The goal of the program is for students to successfully draft and introduce a bill in their state legislature.

 What Our 

 Coalitions Have 



Our Tennessee Coalition's policy even received an award!


The Education Trust's Ten For Tennessee award recognizes the top 10 policy and budget proposals that best advance education equity.​

We are honored that the bill that our students wrote and advocated for was recognized for the impact it will have.

 What Our 


 Are Saying 

I have learned how to draft legislation, make important and impactful connections with state legislators and other statewide organizations, how to conduct proper research on basic needs within a state, and how important our mission actually is.

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